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Need propane gas? We invite you to find out what Ceres Solutions Cooperative can deliver for you.  Contact your nearest Ceres Solutions Cooperative location (See Tab) or propane professional! We're ready to serve you and our customer base is always growing.... thanks in large part to referrals from our satisfied customers.

Customer referral incentive:  when you refer a friend who becomes a new scheduled fill customer, you can earn a $100 reward for yourself. This offer is unlimited! There are some restrictions on the offer, (example: reward comes in the form of credit applied to your Ceres Solutions account, it is not cash) but it is a great way to earn free fuel, and more information is available by contacting our team. Refer a Friend today.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Experienced Local Team
  • Safety-First Training
  • Scheduled Fill for Peace of Mind
  • Budget/Prepay Options
  • Decades Serving Community
  • Incentive for Referrals!


New to Propane Gas Use? Here's a few facts...

Propane is a liquid stored under pressure in tanks and cylinders.  In its natural state, propane is an odorless, colorless gas.  A chemical odorant is added to propane to give it a distinctive smell so that its presence may be detected.

Stay smart... stay safe.

 Learn to recognize the odor of propane gas, and always be responsive if you detect that smell. Here are some warning signs to watch for:

  • When the smell of gas lasts more than an instant after igniting stove-top burners
  • When the presence of a foul odor persists
  • When you cannot find the reason for the foul odor.
  • What you think may be garbage, sewage, or a dead animal may be a serious gas leak.
  • When you hear a hissing noise near a gas appliance or storage tanks and cylinders.

What is Odor Fade? 

Odor fade can occur when there is an underground propane leak.  The movement of gas through the soil can filter out the odorant. New and reconditioned tanks and cylinders that sit too long before being filled are prone to internal rust when moisture and air get inside.  This can also cause odor fade.

If you suspect a Gas Leak... call Ceres Solutions immediately from a safe area.

  • Put out smoking materials and other open flames 
  • Do not operate electric switches, light matches, use your home phone or cell phone
  • Get everyone out of the building or area.
  • Close all gas tank or cylinder supply valves



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