If We Don't Tell Our Story, Someone Else Will

If you live and work in rural Indiana, your life and livelihood are likely connected in many ways to production agriculture. You have a vested interest in the success of our industry. The team at Ceres Solutions strives to bring you positive facts and information to help you promote this critical industry among the many consumers who have grown up completely disconnected from the family farm.  

More than 98% of Americans live off the farm today. That means less than 2% bear the full responsibility to plant, harvest and market all the crops which become the food, fuel and fiber this nation (and the world) demands every day. If we don’t tell our story, someone else will. Someone very likely less informed. In the weeks and months ahead, let’s raise our collective voices in support of this industry and farmers. One friendly conversation at a time, we can effect change. 

What Do You Say When ...    06-05-14

If you’re like us, you notice it more and more... out in the marketplace, at church, at school meetings. So many consumers are content to base their opinions about production agriculture on superficial science and celebrity quotes. Help educate more consumers in your area one conversation at a time! Your Ceres Solutions team wants to equip you with quick facts -- we encourage you to share a few when you hear a statement you know is untrue.

Example: “I know GMOs are BAD.”

Here's how you might develop an answer... start with an expression of understanding.

“You’re right to wonder about GMOs. I wondered, too, before I learned...

  •  genetic modification is one of the oldest ways to breed plants 
  •  the process helps bring out a plant’s most desirable traits 
  •  modified seed is now used by 15+ million farmers 
  •  products grown have been marketed since the mid-1990s
  •  the desirable traits mean more plants can thrive and be harvested
  •  the strength of the good traits means the crop thrives with fewer chemicals
  •  the result is strong yields for our nation using less water and less land
  •  natural bug resistance is one of the most popular modifications we seek
  •  there has never been one medical case or issue as a result of modification
  •  the plant experiences no nutritional change or loss or negative effect
  •  without using GMO seeds, the US would need 34 million more crop acres to achieve same yield
  •  that’s the equivalent of planting the state of Wisconsin
  •  on average, newly developed GM seeds go through 13 years of testing 
  •  the process of ensuring safety for each seed costs about $136 million in research 
  •  at its simplest form, GMO is when smart scientists use a lab to “hurry up” a process that has happened naturally since the beginning of time
  •  planting, growing, handling and consuming GMO grown product is not dangerous to you
  •  when you put traits from better corn into corn, you still get corn.”

If you farm, you are the most authentic voice for responsible production efficiency, nutrition and food safety. Speak up! Got a topic we should address? E-mail info@ceresllp.com. And thank you!

* Some information here was sourced from: www.fooddialogues.com and USFRA reports.


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